Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Next week at this time...

I'll be reporting from Amstelveen! Well, actually I'll be in bed because it will be almost 4am. I'm terribly excited! I can't stop talking about it. There have been a few bumps in the road this week-- tracking down a new coat for Dutch after he decided his old coat might be too ratty and a brief run-in with an old friend needing car parts brought in for his Mustang-- all very minor! All that matters is...we're going to Europe! Wheee!!

To tide you over, here are a few of the pictures from my first visit. Not the greatest resolution, but at least there is a taste of what's to come! You can find them here.

Oh, oh!!!! I have to report that the pictures on this trip will be taken with my brand-spanking-new Canon 40D! That's right! My beautiful and perfect husband (note that he's only and beautiful and perfect when he's giving me things?!?!?!?) gave me a digital SLR camera (that I've been lusting after for ages) for my birthday. It's fantastic and I love it! I can't wait to show you the results!


Anonymous said...

I'm going to miss you--but can't wait for the great pics!!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to miss you--but I can't wait to see your pics!!!

Val said...

Okay - so - where's the posts? :)

I can't wait to hear what an awesome time you're having!