Saturday, September 13, 2008


*waves* Greetings from Amstelveen! Sorry that I've not made it around to posting before now but I was out most of the day yesterday and had no internet connection when I returned. We spent most of the day out and about, the morning was spent at the COBRA Museum here in Amstelveen and the afternoon was spent wandering around Amsterdam, in the rain (bleugh), before we landed at the Amsterdam Historic Museum. I have a few pictures of the COBRA Museum (for those of you who don't know what COBRA is-- it's an art movement whose name is derived from the french terms for Copenhagen, Brussels and Amsterdam, the origins of the movement.) I didn't get the camera out in Amsterdam, the rain was just too hard to risk it. I'll try to post the pictures soon, but my connection isn't as stable as I had hoped and the upload is taking a bit of time.

Today, we're heading to the football club, or we were. It's still raining here and I don't believe there will be football! So, it might be another rainy day in Amsterdam, but inside the museums, we wont' know the difference. More tomorrow! Hopefully, with pictures!!

Oh, the flight was rough, by the way. We were held on the ground for an hour and then there was a lot of turbulence. It didn't bother me, it just made it difficult to sleep. Oh, and the three screaming German children in the middle aisle made it even harder. *eyeroll* Their mother slept through most of it though. The train ride from Frankfurt to Amsterdam was easy and comfortable, though it became a bit long, too. Especially after it was held up because of Passport Patrol coming onto the train and checking everyone's papers. But it is so fantastic to be here, that I won't complain a bit.


mistyb said...

Miss ya bunches. Can't wait to see pictures and hear more. What are you eating?

laura said...

If I remember right, it rained a lot the three days I spent in Amsterdam about 35 years ago. Since it is still raining, I'm thinking that "rain" must be the default setting for the Netherlands. But I also rememember there were lots of great indoor stuff to do. Have a wonderful time.