Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obsessive??? Moi???

A friend has pointed out that I'm not being very fair to Dutch and I should show him some "love" on this blog. True enough. I have spent quite a bit of time pointing out his faults. Just because he doesn't have the attention to detail that I do doesn't mean he's wrong. It just means he's unorganized. Not everyone is meant to be orderly and neat. Not everyone has the discipline and dedication for fine detail. It doesn't mean I'm crazy, right?? I mean, who doesn't research a trip and find out all the information they can before booking a flight? Who doesn't research airports to find out who maintains the best schedule adherence? What is wrong with wanting to know, down to the last minute, how and when things will happen? So far, I have my packing lists started and update them regularly. I've already purchased by extra "supplies", i.e. new saline, toothpaste, extra contact lenses, makeup, medication...ya know, the usual. That's not bad, right?? After all, it's less than two weeks away. I've done a packing "dry" run of the beautiful new carry-on bag (yes, I know it's a fishing gear bag. I like it. Hush.). I've studied the TSA rules for carry-on items. I've made copies of all important documents and registered with the embassy in the Netherlands so that if a war breaks out in Amsterdam I'll be rescued! I still have to report to the credit card company that I'll be using the cards in Europe, but that's a last minute thing. I've been tracking the US Airways flights via a very cool website called Flight Aware ( To be honest, since the day I booked the flight I've been maintaining an Excel spreadsheet of scheduled flight times and actual departures. It figures out the average amount of time that these flights run over/under. It's absolutely fascinating! It's going to be so helpful! I'm gathering very valuable information that I can use to...well, to....*wilts*

ALL RIGHT!! I can't actually USE this information for any reason. It's wasted time and effort. But it's pretty! SEE??


Stop laughing. It's not nice to make fun of the mentally ill.

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mistyb said...

Okay, that spreadsheet is beyond the beyond. You are scaring me. At this moment I feel safer having you in Europe. I can't wait to hear how the flight went and I am wondering if you have eaten any of those M-things yet. I miss ya already, and I hope you have a lovely trip. Post pics if you can. Love you great big bunches! Mrs. B.