Monday, October 25, 2010

Amstelveen. A look back at the trip that was...

Every year I head to Europe with the thought that I will update my blog as I go. And every year I fail miserably. It’s becoming so depressingly predictable as to be tradition. So here, once again, begins a retrospective of our trip.

On our first day in Amstelveen, we didn’t do much. I have to admit, I was busted from the flight. We came in, hugged and kissed everyone and went to BED. We got up around 14:00 and had a shower before venturing into the market in Amstelveen. Friday is market day, and it’s always a joy to spend time in European markets. Oh, and we ventured to Koolhaas for my first hazelnoot gebak of the trip. Koolhaas is truly a wonderful bakery—and the place that Ton’s family has always gone when they want a special treat. The quality is clear, the taste superior. But I was so busy eating the delicious hazelnut cream between layers of chewy meringue that I forgot to take a picture! In fact, I took no photos at all that day, other than the back garden at Mum and Pa’s.


And her gorgeous hydrangeas, still in full bloom!


The family came over that night and it was a gezellige evening with infant twin boys running wild and lots of laughter. And coffee. I didn’t sneak away once to escape. Not once! Even though Marianne had thoughtfully brought me a welcome present of mergpipjes and dropjes. Mmmmmmmmm.

It was probably the last quiet day we would have during the entire trip. The rest seems filled with friends, family, old favorites and new places to see!

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