Saturday, September 25, 2010

Leaving on a ....corn stalk????

Greetings from the Netherlands!

Flight out went well-- PTI (Greensboro) is so tiny that it is virtually impossible to have trouble there. The only issue that came up was that Delta pulled me out of line because apparently Ton and I were already showing onboard the plane that was boarding!! That was quickly straightened out though. Our connection was in Atlanta. And there I was greeted with a strange sight.


Flying corn???


More like flying porn!!

Nothing like flying phallic corn to set the mood of a layover. I was hoping that our Airbus 330 was more fuselage than stalk. I didn't want to arrive in the Netherlands like an obscene Dr. Strangelove riding an ear of corn-- though such an entrance would be rather fitting here.

Never fear. It was fine.

Delta did do me the honor of misplacing my luggage. They decided my bag needed to be stashed in the basement for safe keeping. It must be that my underwear is too precious to be put the belt alongside that of the riff-raff. I felt honored. Once I got over the annoyance.

Now, it's time for me to head out for the day. Don't know where I'm going, but that's half the fun.

Tot Ziens!


Anonymous said...

Love it!! How crazy is that corn stalk!!! What was the meaning of the corn???

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you weren't in Nebraska?