Sunday, October 18, 2009

Had a family day with Ton's parents and his sister Marianne's family. We spent time walking in the Amsterdamse Bos--- a man-made forest built around the same time as the Blue Ridge Parkway. ( It also has a huge pond for rowing which was built, according to Ton's Mother for the Olympics in Summer of 1928. Walked something like 4km around the damned thing.




We did stop for pancakes at a little house in the park. We were greeted by a very thin cow holding a menu. The pancakes took forever to arrive!! But it was good, if a little too thin, eggy and Dutch for me. I have to apologize-- I forgot to take a picture of it!! Have a cow photo instead.


At the pancake house there was a rather weird "decoration" if you will. It was a girl doll that was dressed in prison stripes with a ball and chain hanging from her ankle. She was suspended from the gutter of the building! WTF. I still don't know. But everyone in Ton's family thought it amusing. I still don't get it.


Later, we went to see Ton's other sister, Evelien, to meet the latest and greatest family members, her twin boys-- one of which is Ton's namesake! Cute babies who didn't cry once and let me hold them without a whimper. In fact they grinned at me foolishly most of the time. I liked them. They don't speak Dutch. Yet.




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Susan Barker said...

You are so very funny.Laughed my head off.Wouldn't have enjoyed a 4km walk myself.And a skinny cow, thats just not right.Somethings are just not meant to be skinny and a cow is one.I feel like I have a ball and chain tied to my ankles some of the time and its definitely a female thing, but hanging from the gutter?Sounds like you'll be happier when family goes back to work and just you and Ton are out and about.The babies are cute,don't tell, but Ton is the best looking in the family.Happy travels !