Friday, October 23, 2009

Amazing. It's what's for dinner.

Chandelier. De Drie Provinciën.
De Drie Provinciën

Just had an amazing meal at De Drie Provincien! Fresh, hot bread with herbed shallot butter. Italian dry white wine. Halibut with shrimp in lemon sauce. It was served with small dishes of brussel sprouts, Belgian endive, roasted potatoes.

Angelo Grillo Italie. De Drie Provinciën

Halibut in Citroenboter with. Gamba.De Drie Provinciën


Ton had Cranberry Chicken. Chicken filet stuffed with brie and ham, topped with a plum, cranberry sauce. It was good but my fish was better!

Cranberrykip. De Drie Provinciën

Still life. De Drie Provinciën

Dessert was caramel ice cream coated in toffee-coated nuts, topped with whipped cream. OMG. SO GOOD. So good. I forgot to take a picture until it was too late.

The end of the Berends Smikkelbom. De Drie Provinciën

These two hour dinners really agree with me. But I think I need bigger pants.

Oh, my other dining experience today? Subway. They are EXACTLY the same as in America. And the Dutch apparently love them. WTF.

More later-- probably Sunday evening. I'm uploading photos now but don't know when they'll be available.


laura said...

Sigh! Even the empty plates look good.

maweew said...

I vote for the halibut and shrimp! Jeez! Your food pix drive me crazy--although the coffin ain't half bad, y'know...