Thursday, September 6, 2012

Packing Panic!! So lets blog instead.

Well, the time has come. The last minute crunch-time when all the plans come together and I panic over what remains to be done before I leave.  In fact, my panic is so bad, I've resorted to that old trick of making lists. Sure, I COULD have done some of the things on the list rather than making the list and subsequently blogging about it. But then you would be left out of the excitement and that's just not fair, is it?? Let's be honest with each other: You have a burning desire to know every detail of my life, no matter how mundane (MOI!?!? MUNDANE??? HA!) or minute. Since I have a generous spirit, I'm willing to share it with you in excruciating detail.  So without further ado, my to-do lists.  

TO-DO list:
2.      Bathe Allie.
3.      Allie’s heartworm and flea medication.
4.      Wash all clothes
5.      Iron, as necessary (Remember Ton’s work clothes for Monday & Tuesday)
6.      Gather medication and make sure we have saline/medication/toiletries
7.      Final decision on clothing (AAAAAAAAAAARGH)
8.      Dry packing run to make sure bag isn’t overweight. If it is, purchase extra weight for easyjet.
9.      Find Messenger Baggallini
10.  Make Passport copies (3 of each – all Italian hotels need them or they hold passport)
11.  Print all confirmations.
12.  Print directions to Hotel Canada in Milan from Cadorna Station and from the Duomo!
13.   Make sure to add funds to OV Chipkaart
14.  Clean the fridge
15. Confirm Milan Hotel (OMG how did I forget this until now!?!?)

Final Morning To-Do list:
1.      Finish packing toothbrush/razor/saline/contact cases/makeup
2.      Make sure you have passports/tickets/confirmations/copies of passports/credit cards.
3.      Make sure you have American money AND Euros.
4.      Wash any dishes.
5.      Make bed
6.      Take out the trash.
8.      Turn off A/C.
9.      Leave NO LATER THAN 7:00AM (6:30 would probably be better!) 

Now, if that's enough to convince you of my neurosis, I'll even give you a peek at my packing lists. 
General Packing List
Camera / Camera Cards
Cell Phone
Laptop/ Power Supply
Mum’s Ipad
Adapter Plug
Hair dryer
Little Umbrella
Alpine Walking Sticks
Underwear (7 pair of underwear each/3 bras )
Socks  (8 sets)
Shoes (1 extra pair )
Clothes   / PJ’s
Coats  (Wool coat or Trench????)
Cross body Purse
Aspirin / Medication
Blister packs / Band-aids
Hair Gel
Hair Brush
Contacts / Contact cases
Saline / Eye drops
Dental Picks/Dental Floss
Tooth paste
Mouth piece
Documents/Credit Card/Cash
Before you ask, I'll go on and answer all those questions.  YES. I have a packing list saved on my computer and I use it for every trip, with minor adjustments, of course. Yes,  it is necessary as I've I've forgotten important things my hairbrush and OMG had to buy one that sucked so bad. I've had to  add to the list over time because of this stupidity. Yes, I check things off as they're packed. Then I check again. And double check the double check. And if that's not enough, I'll do it again. I don't allow Dutch to add things to the bags because it throws me off. If I don't put it in, it doesn't get checked off.  It confuses the system if you contaminate it with Dutch germs.  Me?? Obsessive/Compulsive control freak?? You'll have to get more creative than that to insult me. 

Allie’s Packing List
Dog Food Pedigree and Prescription EN food  (28 days worth)
Frisbee/Chew Bone
Doggy Prozac
Water bowl / Food bowls / Food mat
Dog Treats

YES, my dog has her own packing list. YES. She has her own pillow and her own yellow Keith Haring blankie. And YES. She has doggy prozac in case she freaks out without her mommy. SO??? Doesn't mean she is crazy. She just has separation anxiety, which is normally calmed by her morning serving of bacon and a daily massage.   Oh, right. Like you don't do that with your dog. I'm the crazy one. RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT. 

The countdown continues....5 days to take-off!

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