Monday, August 13, 2012

It's that time of year again....

The countdown begins for the fall travel season!!! This year, our trip will be an extended vacation of almost a full-month in Europe. And it begins with a flight from JFK to Milan, a train trip from Milan to La Spezia station for a train change to the Cinque Terre town of Vernazza*.


I know, beautiful, right???

Three night in the lovely Cinque Terre, hiking, eating and drinking. IF that ain't heaven, don't tell me. We then return to Milan, spending the night and almost a full day in the city before flying into Schiphol, hopping on a bus and arriving at Dutchboy's parents. The rest is a bit up in the air--so stay tuned! Italy!! FOOD! WINE!! Me, sweating up the steep inclines of an idyllic Italian mountain pass! Me, gazing at the vistas of the Ligurian sea with longing! Me, face forward in a bowl of ligurian pesto! Me swilling the local wine and then having to climb the 60+ steps to our rented room!!!! OH, and if that's not enough enticement, remember if it's Milan, it must be fashion! They're throwing a week long party for our auspicious trip to Italia! Okay, okay, so it turns out our night in the Milan is the beginning of fashion week (in my HONOR). We all know that NOBODY knows fashion like a girl raised in the trendsetting epicenter that is downtown North Wilkesboro. Yes, those Italian women teetering around in six inch stilettos live in fear of me and my cutting wit and comfortable shoes. You KNOW you don't want to miss any of that.

30 days...the adventure begins.

*Photo is NOT mine but was taken from Il Pirata website. We're not staying at there, it was booked. We're staying at Albergo Barbara, Vernazza.

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