Thursday, August 7, 2008

The tale of ticket madness continues...

Upon rising the next day, leaving my husband sleeping the peaceful sleep of innocents, I think that perhaps I over-reacted. My compulsion to check all the facts might have led me to make these flights out to be much worse than they actually were. I have been accused of melodrama before, maybe that’s all that this was—simply self-created drama.

I drive to work, get the day started and I sit down with my coffee, content in the knowledge that I have tickets on a great airline. Upon checking my email, I find I now have confirmations! Excitedly, I read. Yes, flying out of Charlotte, September 10th. Check. Flying into JFK. Check. One and a half hour layover. Check. Flying out of Newark. Check. Wait a minute!!!!! NEWARK!??!?!!? NEW JERSEY!?!!?!? ACROSS THE FREAKING RIVER???!?!?! There is no way anyone could make that connection! I was going to lose a day of mergpijpje madness! This could NOT be! I call Dutch. He created this mess and by GOD he wasn’t going to sleep through my panic. What does he do? He blows me off, he dismisses me. ME. The beloved thorn in his side. He says it will be fine and he doesn’t understand my panic. I immediately write Lufthansa begging to cancel the reservation. Dusseldorf was bad enough but into JFK out of Newark?? That’s impossible. For hours, everyone at work is treated to my tale, told of the horrors of my husband and our impossible flight. My friends get a panicked email that encourages them to sympathize with my plight. It is not a need for attention that drives me send these emails but the need to find validation that I have joined the most noble and long-suffering group of women who suffer from SSS, Stupid Spouse Syndrome. I refresh my email every few minutes. Nothing. Jiminy Cricket was singing “When you wish upon a star”. That’s it. I’m going home and sharpening the knives. It will all be fine, baby. Just go to sleep.

At 5:18pm EST, my husband is granted a stay of execution. Lufthansa sends me the following letter:

Dear Ms. Married to a Dutchman who Doesn’t Listen,

Thank you for contacting the Lufthansa Internet Service Center.

Currently the reservation that was made online is not ticketed and will not be until 27Jun08. So if you wish to cancel and re-try your online purchase you may and any agent at our reservations office may assist with schedules, fares and finding flights that best fit your travel needs. Currently the reservation that is on hold requires a connection between two airports (La Guardia, and Newark airport) which may not be suitable or comfortable for all passengers. Again, you may contact our reservations office and they will be able to cancel that reservation so you may either re-try your request online or our agent can give assistance. If you experience any online difficulties, you may contact our online support Desk at 1-866-583 8932 on Monday to Friday between 10am to 6pm Eastern Time.

We look forward to serving you online and in flight. Thank you for choosing Lufthansa.

I cancel the flight. I laugh gleefully. I have a celebratory drink. It is over.

Now, I get to start all over.

Coming up...finally getting tickets. The right tickets. With no help from my husband. Thank the maker.

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